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Dialogue with Jehovah's Witnesses?

"I have a few coworkers who are Jehovah's Witnesses, and they seem to think they are the chosen church because they still go door to door. They teach Jesus is not Jehovah, but his son only. They are also awaiting the end times prophecy, which according to them is that the one world government is going to abolish all religion, and they will be the end times martyrs. So how can I politely tell these Jehovah's Witnesses that they are incorrect, and needing to study God's word, not the tradition of Charles Russel?", (Question from Manny Ferreira).

Personally, I agree with some of what these Jehovah's Witnesses are saying, namely the one world government, and the coming persecution of Christians. However, I don't believe the Jehovah's Witnesses (or any other particular group) constitute a "chosen church" of the end-times. I also strongly believe in the trinity, even though the trinity can be a difficult concept to grasp, and many of those who profess the trinity do not sufficiently understand it.

I don't know if you should set out to "correct" these Jehovah's Witnesses. You could gently plant some seeds, and maybe share some scriptures with them, and see where it goes from there. The fact that they believe differently from you (these Jehovah's Witnesses might even be arrogant about it) is actually their problem, not your's.

That's not to say that one shouldn't share ideas and have open dialogue with other Christians, such as the Jehovah's Witnesses, but always consider the circumstances. Are at least some of the people receptive and open to discussion, or are they just becoming angry and defensive? Unfortunately, I've found that the latter is more common, and you shouldn't waste your time if your efforts aren't bearing any good fruit. It's always a good idea to find and maintain common ground with other Christians, being careful not to dwell on areas of disagreement. Lastly, I would be cautious about discussing religion in the workplace at all, because if your boss singles you out as a source of discord or trouble, he/she might hold it against you, especially nowadays when bigotry towards Christians has become acceptable.


jackie      02 Sep 2010, 09:51

i studied with jehovah's witnesses for years and never did become one, the teachings go far deeper than what manny ferrera mentions, why don't you ask them if they are aware of the false predictions jehovah's witnesses have made, they said more than 5 times that the world would end at such and such date,{the Bible says, not to set dates, He will come as a theif in the night...)they also say that Micheal ,the ark angel is Jesus, the Bible says that Jesus is our Lord, God almighty, the beginning and the end, the alpha and omega, so if Jesus is the alpha and omega, , you cannot have 2 alpha's and omegas, so it has to be Him, He exists in different dimensions, the old the new and the one to come, so that is how He is the Father, in the old, the son in the new and God in all and the one to come., I became very confused wih the jehovah's witnesses cause they possess knowledge of all kinds, but when it comes to understanding who Jesus is and was, they are confused and the whole Bible is about Jesus, the foretelling of His birth, death and resurrection, the Bible tells us "great is the mystery of godliness "our puny minds cannot understand eathly things how can we understand heavenly things. we're limited as humans,there is no other name under heaven by which man can be saved, that's Biblical. jackie

Doug Buckley      02 Sep 2010, 10:09

I've had a few knock and talks with Jehovah's Witnesses around here. They seem nice, and I like them better than alot of the evangelical groups that malign them. As you point out, some of what they teach is very unscriptural (especially when it comes to the nature of Jesus), but it's also important not to reduce them to a few false teachings, because all groups have false teachings. My biggest gripe with the Jehovah's Witnesses is that they are willing to push their views on me, but won't consider mine, because I'm not one of them.

lukeous      28 Nov 2011, 22:58

greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
My name is lukeous and i have been study with shepherds chapel for a year now,and i am very happy i found this church.
I have a question...before i started studying with the chapel the church i want to believe in man name William branham as a prophet from God.
And some of the things that branham teaches are very close to the chapels teachings like the serpent seed...but what really gets me is the healing miracles that were done throw him!
i'm not trying to judge anyone but i am worryed that he may be a false prophet...please help me out someone...i am so confused about this and i know God is not the author of confusion. Is this church i been going to in the past lost or misled? Thinkyou for the help.

Doug Buckley      29 Nov 2011, 12:45

This is off topic but I'll answer it anyways. Lukeous, I don't know anything about William Branham, but if someone goes around calling himself a prophet and doing "miracles" I'd be weary. There are NOT men of God in the world today like the men of God written about in the bible. I know this because I study the bible a lot, and people like the apostles and prophets understood the truth more deeply and clearly than any Christians today, including me.

Arnold Murray is a man of God, who has an annointing to share the Word with people. He serves the Lord, and he will not take advantage of you, though some of the people who follow him might. He is NOT always right about everything, and neither am I. Ultimately, you have to put your faith in God and study his Word.

lukeous      29 Nov 2011, 15:59

brother doug can you give me some scriptures that show that god does not have men like this in our day,like he had in the bible times?

Doug Buckley      30 Nov 2011, 13:24

Lukeous, it's just my opinion. There are alot of details and subtle teachings in their writings that show the depth of their understanding. But the bible does say in 2nd Timothy 3 and 2nd Peter 2 that there would come a deterioration of the faith.

jackie      03 Dec 2011, 00:38

well, commenting on what you said about prophets nowadays, there are prophets, The Lord even said 'greater things than these shall ye do", speaking to the apostles, Jesus knew that once the gospel was spread, people would know the truth on a worldwide scale and meditate on His word, and this would produce faith on a grand scale and in turn miracles, I have personally dreamt about events and miracles that had not happened yet, God showed them to me in a dream (i.e.) the birth of my child,He showed me what she'd look like and I saw her at an older age to a younger age and I was pregnant and didn't even know it/ nor could I have children, I was older, so God does use dreams to speak tom people, it hasn't changed from the times of old,God changeth not, The Bible is clear on this, His power is not dwindled away with time, He is still as strong as ever and ever shall be, He also says that in the latter days He will send dreams, and visions, and people shall prophesy, who else can prophesy , but a prophet of God. just because we are not chosen for that particular gift, does not mean God doesn't have prophets out there, I do not call myself a prophet, but I know He has shown me lots of things to come, and in due time will reveal the secrets and send me the time to tell, it takes alot of faith and nothing about God is of this world, it is supernatural, and some people cannot believe in things they cannot touch and see, it is something some have and some don't, because of unbelief and a belief system that they have been taught to believe, and it's just not true, Joseph was chosen out of all his household to be a prophet, as a young boy he dreamt of things he did not yet understand, but nonetheless, God was showing him what was to come, he just wasn't understanding it yet, once it came about, joseph became to understand that God was leading his life in a set course. God does this with anyone who will stand still and have the faith it takes, you can't make yourself be a prophet, God already has His prophets selected and they know who they are after awhile, some run from the calling, but eventually submit, and are usually sickly at birth or live very hard lives, because the enemy knows who they are and tries to destroy them before they can speak out for Christ. they are peculiar people and usually disliked for standing up for the truth, God's prophets in the Bible days were killed for not blending in with the rest of the crowd (i.e.) shadrech, misheck, and abednego, they did not bow down before the idol the king had erected, were thrown in the fire but survived, for their faith. this goes on still, today, God is God always, His power is not diminished, the Word is a living organism, you read it daily and become empowered...j.c.

lukeous      03 Dec 2011, 14:34

Think you jackie you and doug help me .....

Doug Buckley      05 Dec 2011, 23:30

You got both sides of a complex issue, speaking from my own experience there are not men of God today like the apostles and prophets.

money       05 Apr 2012, 19:04

Jackie your completely wrong Jehovah witnesses never set a time and date for when the world will end also if you would read the bible right it always talks about how Jesus is gods sun. It never not one time said he is the ark angel!!

nic      21 Sep 2012, 07:32

They do think Jesus is Michael the Archangel!
You should research things before speak money. The watch tower society has repeatedly predicted Jesus coming in its own publications.

"Since God’s Word nowhere indicates that there are two armies of faithful angels in heaven—one headed by Michael and one headed by Jesus—it is logical to conclude that Michael is none other than Jesus Christ in his heavenly role.* " angel/
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