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The Three Heavens

  • There are three heavens in the bible.
  • The first two heavens are natural, and the third heaven is spiritual.
  • Spiritual heaven is referred to as Paradise.
  • Paul describes being taken to the third heaven in 2nd Corinthians.

There are three heavens in the bible, two physical and one spiritual.

Throughout the bible, heaven is the antithesis of hell; a beautiful paradise where God, his angels, and his holy temple abide, "The LORD is in his holy temple, the LORD's throne is in heaven" (Psalm 11.4 KJV bible), "I saw the LORD sitting upon his throne, and all the host of heaven standing on his right hand and on his left" (2nd Chronicles 18.18 KJV bible), "Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven" (Matthew 6.9-10 KJV bible).

In the scriptures, however, heaven not only refers to Paradise as we understand it, but can also mean sky (atmosphere), or outer-space. For example, the expression "birds of the heavens" appears frequently, and clearly refers to the sky or atmosphere, not spiritual heaven, "he who dies in the field the birds of the heavens will eat" (1st Kings 14.11 NASB bible). Also, heaven is spoken of as the domain of the sun, moon, and stars, "And lest thou lift up thine eyes unto heaven, and when thou seest the sun, and the moon, and the stars, even all the host of heaven" (Deuteronomy 4.19 KJV bible). So biblical heaven can refer to either the sky, outer-space, or Paradise depending on the context in which it is used.

Even though the bible generally identifies all three distinct locations (sky, outer-space, and Paradise) as heaven, it does not teach that they are all the same thing. Instead, it testifies to the existence of different types or levels of heavens, "Behold, the heaven and the heaven of heavens is the LORD's thy God" (Deuteronomy 10.14 KJV bible), "But will God in very deed dwell with men on the earth? behold, heaven and the heaven of heavens cannot contain thee" (2nd Chronicles 6.18 KJV bible), "He that descended is the same also that ascended up far above all heavens, that he might fill all things" (Ephesians 4.10 KJV bible). The bible identifies various levels of heavens that are distinct and unique from eachother.

We are given further insight into this subject when Paul tells us of how he was taken up to the "third heaven", in 2nd Corinthians 12, "I knew a man in Christ above fourteen years ago, (whether in the body, I cannot tell; or whether out of the body, I cannot tell: God knoweth;) such an one caught up to the third heaven...How that he was caught up into paradise, and heard unspeakable words, which it is not lawful for a man to utter" (2nd Corinthians 12.2-4 KJV bible). Paul identifies the place that he was taken up to as Paradise, indicating that the third heaven is Paradise.

If Paul regards spiritual heaven or Paradise as the third heaven, then what are the first and second heavens? Most likely the sky or atmosphere is the first heaven, and outer-space is the second heaven. So while the bible accurately describes the natural world, it remains that we must use context and common sense to determine what is meant by the word heaven(s) in a particular passage.


Cheryl      10 Nov 2009, 18:04

We, as believers are caught up in the third heaven when we die. Paul says, in to be absent in the body, is to be present with the Lord. I believe it is found in 2 Corin 5:

Doug Buckley      11 Nov 2009, 12:48

Yes, the third heaven is where believers go when they die, "We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord" (2nd Corinthians 5.8 KJV bible).

Rob      16 Nov 2009, 08:13

I have been trying to decide which version of the bible to read so I bought a KJV/NIV parallel bible yesterday. In the KJV (I am in Genesis) the word is heaven (singular). But, in the NIV the word is heavens (plural). Can someone explain this or give a reference that explains this? I have read the article above about the 3 heavens but would like to know more. Will I read about this more later in the bible? Thank you, this is my first time reading the bible and it has been a few years since I regularly attended church.

Doug Buckley      16 Nov 2009, 19:42

Hi Rob,
Congrats on getting back into the Word, and I will try to answer your question as best I can. In the OT, the Hebrew word for heaven is "shemayim". Strong's lists this as the dual of an unused singular. This means that the Hebrew word for heaven in the bible is like the English word "glasses", it is always plural, regardless of whether it means one or more of the heavens. Translators generally use either "heaven" or "heavens" based on context, and what sounds more correct in English.

In the NT, the Greek word for heaven is "ouranos", and it can be either singular or plural. However, it is generally translated as "heaven" or "heavens" based on context and what sounds right in English. I don't know enough about Greek to tell you why the translators don't translate the Greek more strictly, but the Greek singular and plural does seem to support the teaching of the three heavens. You might want to think about getting something like an interlinear at some point.

Dr. Maxcina Gadsden      18 Feb 2010, 10:12

Tell me more

Doug Buckley      18 Feb 2010, 13:12

Hi Dr. Gadsden,
Those are pretty much the main points. The bible does not teach that the sky, outer-space, and heaven are all the same thing, but that there are three heavens. It is the third heaven that is the "spiritual heaven" we associate with the word heaven.

Jeanette Deleon      16 Aug 2010, 02:27

I had no idea about the bible has 3 heavens till I ran across this topic with someone I know. It made me curious. I just want understanding and education for this topic. How can I get this information? I'm not sure I'm at the right link to post this. It's my first time and I'm very interested on finding out about the 3 heavens.

Doug Buckley      17 Aug 2010, 03:49

Hi Jeanette, thank you for visiting,
There really isn't a whole lot when it comes to the three heavens. Basically, the writers of the bible used the same word to describe the sky, outer space, and spiritul heaven. One word, three different places.

Paul calls spiritual heaven the "third" heaven in 2nd Corinthians 12, which gives us the teaching of the three heavens. Sky is the first heaven, outer space the second, and spiritual heaven is the third heaven.

Clay      08 Sep 2010, 19:27

I have found the three heavens to be a major point in the CJCLS. I've now been engaged with someone who strongly believes there are three distinct heavens. What is that about? Is it a positive that the 1st and 2nd are the sky and outerspace? Just curious as the TORAH reads "When God began to create heaven and earth" in Genesis 1:1 yet they use the KJV and NKJV as differing points on the plural.

Doug Buckley      09 Sep 2010, 14:18

Hi Clay, good to hear from you
I'm positive that Paul mentions the three heavens in 2nd Corinthians 12. After that I'm just inferring what the first and second heavens are, since they aren't really identified as such in the bible. When it comes to the translation of heavens vs heaven, I really don't know. I believe that the Hebrew for "heaven" is inherently plural, and the Greek word for "heaven" can be in either a plural or singular form. However, there likely other grammatical rules and issues of context that override this, and lead the translators to render it differently.

robert gonzales      21 Oct 2010, 04:51

my question is, Is there people in heaven now?

Doug Buckley      21 Oct 2010, 11:22

Hi Robert, yes there are people in Paradise or the third heaven right now. See ch.4 Souls in Heaven, on the right.

Scott Whicker      11 Nov 2010, 13:51

I, like someone's previous post, heard of the 3 heavens today from a friend. I was curious, so I Googled it and found this website. Thanks for the explainations.

I am a "new Christian" and at age 44 just starting to seriously study the Word of God. God has given me a thirst for learning more and more of His word. Having said that, I do try not to over complicate things and over think things. Someone once told me to try and live in God's grace more. In other words, I try and let God direct my thinking and understanding. I know, without question, that I will be with the Lord in heaven one day and it will be paradise. Whether I pass through 2 other heavens or skip right over them, I am not too overly concerned with. But it is interesting to learn about things that disprove my misconceptions.

Doug Buckley      11 Nov 2010, 15:38

Hi Scott, its good to hear from you in regards to the three heavens. Christianity is a religion of thinkers. However, sometimes Christians end up in protracted philosophical debates trying to understand or defend an idea that's not even biblical. So both reading and thinking about the bible is the way to grow and progress spiritually.

james      15 Dec 2010, 04:05

I am also beginning to understand the bible more. In the bible God will tell you if you want wisdom he would give it to you. You will also read in the bible God will tell you have not because you ask not. It also would tell you lean not to your own understanding. I quess what i am trying to say is ask God for understanding that mean everything including the Holy Bible. God want you to feel like you can come to him for anything he is your father. Before reading the word ask for understanding don't just relie on your are mans understanding. ask for understanding each and everytime you read the bible. ask god to open your heart. mind and soul for understanding everything Thank You for letting me speak my mind

twila      15 Feb 2011, 22:16

Hi ive been a christian all my life im not perfect like nor is anyone else. i have fallen like many but im wanting to understand the bible and especially this topic now if i understand this correctley the sky is the 1st heaven u can see it from earth to the blue sky. 2nd heaven outer space u cant see this and the 3rd heaven is where God resides this is a lot to take in at one time but with there being 3 heavens there has to be reason for this now what im understanding is its with crowns and its by faithful works like i teach and i feel that this is what God wants me to do and be in a christian atmosphere so that is in works to the faith of what i believe he wants me to be and do. So i guess what im not understanding is why 3 heavens to do this does it mean i have to go through all 3 heavens to get to the 3rd heaven? or do we just go straight to the 3rd heaven where God prosides? if its by faiths but we dont have to do extra works but just do what God wants and needs us to do then how or what do the levels have to do with this im sorry i know this is randomly all over the place but this is my thinking random at this moment and i hate being in a random state of mind i would love to know the answers so i can sleep with a piece of mind thanks so much. and i really appreciate this page. so the crowns levels etc. im confused a little no lie there lol. please help if u can.

Doug Buckley      16 Feb 2011, 00:11

Hi Twila, Good to hear from you. You're understanding of the three heavens is correct; the first heaven in the sky, the second is outer-space, and the third heaven is spiritual heaven. However, believers don't go to the first or second heavens. Its just the word for sky is also the word for spiritual heaven. As to your second question, no one is saved through works, but they are required for faith to prosper and survive in us (see the article on faith vs. works in the articles section for more on this).

Twila      16 Feb 2011, 23:49

hi mr Doug.
Thanks for responding back to my request so i thought i had the first parts of the 3 heavens right and im glad i do but so does this mean that the first two of heaven have no one living or going to live in them and if it doesnt then why have them named or called heavens and if it does have people going to live on them then how does this work i hate being confused it frustrates me to no end no ones fault i just like noing and dont sleep well till i get things off of my mind lol. If no one lives or is going to live in these heavens then why have 3 and why have crowns im just not getting this part of this sorry to bug u on this but u seem to understand more than i and i seem to have the hunger and thirst to want to know this and much more but in the right ways i want to be able to tell others about it but not before i get it straignt in my mind first. we were talking about this between friends at work and home and i was ok until we got done talking and one of my friends was trying to dimenstrate it by a big drinking glass and a sm. drinking glass and said its measured by the joy of ur faith and i think she was saying about the levels of heaven in which u would go to this kindof lost me oh and by the i guess crowns of the levels of faith like i said before i hate confusion if u could try to help me out with this so i can move on to other things i would so appreciate it and also i am verry aprreciative that u made this page for us to ask and recieve on and learn from thanks again.

Doug Buckley      18 Feb 2011, 04:59

Hi Twila, I don't know what they're saying about crowns or drinking glasses The bible associates the sky and cosmos with spiritual heaven because there are similarities, ch.8 expands on this. So its not just a coincidence that the world for sky is also the word for spiritual heavens. Click on the articles/essays section at the top and you should see the faith vs. works article on the right.

Tahir Kamal      17 Mar 2011, 13:33

Hi Mr. Doug

my name is Tahir, and my question is, is third heaven in the North?

and also where do the Devil and his angels reside if they are kicked out of heaven?

thanks Brother and may God Bless you, amen

Doug Buckley      18 Mar 2011, 13:08

Hi Tahir, I don't think that the third heaven or Paradise is in a particular direction, but for lack of a better word it is in another dimension (see ch.8). The devil and his angels aren't yet kicked out of heaven (see ch.5). They are allowed to keep their place until the tribulation. Good to hear from you and God bless.

Jonathan      21 Mar 2011, 18:25

Hi Doug. I have recently been appointed to teach sunday school at my church to the adult class and want to thank you for this understanding of the 3 heavens. The discussion came up in class sunday morning and I couldn't answer the question at that time, but thanks to your explanation of the 3 heavens I can explain this to others. I ask that you pray for me because I was asked to teach several years ago (not very savy on the bible then, but was appointed to the position) and I am new at teaching from the bible and learning every day. May God bless you brother in all that you say and do. Thanks!

Doug Buckley      22 Mar 2011, 14:04

Hi Jonathan, it's good to hear from you and I'm glad that I could help with understanding the three heavens. The fact that you're looking for biblical answers and want to be prepared to serve the Lord tells me that you'll do great, and I will pray that God uses you as a light to others.

adewole bamigbola      31 Mar 2011, 11:16

thanks for your effort about the heaven but to me as a spiritual man i think we have seven heavens because in book of Rev21:1,20:1,15:1,4:1 this are different type of heavens there so i want you to clearify

Doug Buckley      01 Apr 2011, 16:11

Hi Adewole, I'm not seeing how those verses support more than three heavens or seven heavens, but its true that there will be a new heaven and earth after the second resurrection and judgment day (Revelation 21.1). Good to hear from you.

Sandra      08 Apr 2011, 22:34

I was asked about the three heavens by my mother-in-law and found your site by going to Google. I will be checking back for more information about the Bible. I am an born again Christain and want to learn more about our God.

Doug Buckley      09 Apr 2011, 16:01

I'm glad I could help about the three heavens and it's good to hear from you.

Br.BILL      11 Apr 2011, 23:26

there is on question on 3 heaven, 1# sky,moon and stars,sun. 2# the throne of God,The holy place,or judgment set of God,this is were SATAN got cast out of heaven, 3# new heaven a places that was prepared for us call the HOLY OF HOLIES were no sin can enter in,called (heaven street of gold and more.) the 2# heaven is place that is were Satan can be bound in heaven and earth when we serve god by faith then heaven and earth will be set free,( this is the spiritual warfare is in heaven,that aloud god to bind Satan when we serve him.( can email scripture's if needed )

Carol Helms      16 Aug 2011, 00:55

Could you please send me Scripture verses about the 3 Heavens. so that I may understand this in My Bible Study Thank you so Much and God Bless you

Doug Buckley      16 Aug 2011, 19:43

Hi Carol, the verses about the three heavens are in the chapter at the top.

Willy .W.      05 Oct 2011, 05:30

Thanks Doug for your explanations.
Kindly help me understand this: Of the three heavens, where does the devil dwell?

The bible says in the book of Daniel that when Angel Gabriel was sent to Daniel, the prince of persia stopped him and couldn't allow him reach Daniel until when Angel Micheal came to his rescue, fought the prince of persia and Gabriel was able to reach Daniel.

Who is the prince of Persia?

Now, in which heaven did that prince of Persia stop Angel Gabriel & thus, fight with Angel Micheal?


Doug Buckley      06 Oct 2011, 15:42

Hi Willy, the devil dwells in the third heaven which is the only heaven that is spiritual. The other two heavens are just the sky and outer space. The third heaven is big and so there is room for both sides of good and evil.

The prince of Persia in Daniel 10 was likely a guardian spirit of some kind over Persia. Heathen religion often involves the worship and sacrifice to certain demonic ancestor spirits. Or perhaps the devil himself is meant.

Likely, Gabriel came from the third heaven and was blocked on earth (see 10.13). Also, notice that Daniel had prayed to God for the deliverance of his people. The earthly king of Persia, Cyrus, was prophecied to be a righteous king and deliverer of God's people (a type for Christ). So the angels of God warred against and overthrew the evil powers that controlled Persia so that Cyrus could serve God.

GIDEON BAKE      07 Oct 2011, 10:12

1--Yes' I believed that there are three type of Heavens.
a-What are the contents of each of the Heavens?
b-What are the on going activities in each of the Heavens?
1--Yes'Man is a tri-partite Beeing
a-Deferentiate between Spirit,Soul and Body

Doug Buckley      08 Oct 2011, 13:44

Hi Gideon, the first heaven is the sky, the second heaven is outer space, and the third heaven is spiritual heaven with the angels and such (see previous). Its hard to say what daily life is like in the third heaven. Its a place of dominions and powers. Sometimes things can be expressed better with art and music.

Deb      17 Oct 2011, 12:17

Hi, my question is, I understand the First Heaven is the sky, same as the firmament, birds and clouds, second is outer space, Mars Saturn and so on, and third is the Throne of God, my ? Is do you have the number of mansions that is in the Third Heaven.

Doug Buckley      18 Oct 2011, 18:46

Hi Deb, yes that's right about the three heavens. Jesus talks about mansions in heaven in John 14.2. He doesn't mean literal mansions, but places, or positions of power, which he will give to his elect in the future when they reign over the nations (see Revelation 2.26). Its the same as the inheritance of Colossians 3.24, and the rewards that Jesus describes in Luke 19.17.

Regina Tripp      27 Oct 2011, 13:51

Hi Doug

I was listening to a radio teaching earlier this week and the teaching was based on the Armor of God, which states that our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers or this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. The teacher interpreted the second heaven as the devil residing there. Is this true?

Doug Buckley      27 Oct 2011, 19:05

Hi Regina, others have also said that the devil and his angels are in the second heaven and God is in the third heaven. I believe that they are all in the third heaven. Revelation 12 says that there will be a war in heaven and the devil and he angels will be cast to earth. They must be occupying the same third heaven for this to happen.

Johann Blake      04 Dec 2011, 12:14

After reading the scripture and original Greek, I personally believe that the three heavens refer to:

1. The sky and outer space that we see in this world.
2. Paradise (which is not the heaven where God has his temple)
3. The place where God dwells with His angels and where His temple is.

Enoch, Moses, Elijah and the thief on the cross all went to Paradise and not to heaven. Jesus clearly said that no man had entered heaven. So if Moses and Elijah were alive before he ascended into heaven, they had to be elsewhere and the only place that could be is in Paradise. God does dwell in Paradise as much as He dwells in heaven and on Earth. But Paradise is a temporary place until the day when God has completed His work on Earth. Then the saints in Paradise will return to Earth with our Lord. Heaven above is not the dwelling place for humans. Yeshua said that they will inherit the Earth.

Angela      08 Dec 2011, 12:31

Thank you so much! I've learned Alot

Albert martins      19 Dec 2011, 22:49

Thanks for the eye opener of the three heavens. It has helped me and will help my Bible study class.

ML      03 Jan 2012, 20:34

I agreed with Johann Blake on the 3 heavens, but disagreed with the part that human will inherit earth. Revelation 21:1&2, " Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea. I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband."
John 14:2&3, " In my father's house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am."
This is clearly stating that we will be in heaven with God, not earth.

Brian      16 Jan 2012, 14:24 ature=mh_lolz

copy and paste this. This is about the three heavens. It is a long video but I do think it is worth the watch. What is the name of the three heavens? that is my only question. I know this is one of the rules but just give this a chance please

Elaine      18 Jan 2012, 15:01

Are there different levels in the 3rd Heaven for Christians? For instance, a person who has won thousands of souls to Jesus as opposed to a person who just got saved on Saturday night and died Sunday morning...does the new Christian go to a different level than a Christian who has been one for 50 years

Doug Buckley      19 Jan 2012, 12:32

Hi Elaine. No, there aren't different levels for Christians in the third heaven. The third heaven is a big place, but Christians are basically all the same in the third heaven. However, at the time of judgment, all Christians will return here to reign with Jesus. At this time, we will be given our eternal rewards, "Every man's work shall be made manifest: for the day shall declare it, because it shall be revealed by fire; and the fire shall try every man's work of what sort it is. If any man's work abide which he hath built thereupon, he shall receive a reward" (1st Corinthians 3.13-14 KJV bible), (see ch.15 on the right for more on this).

Steve      18 Mar 2012, 16:55

Hi doug i wanted to ask why there are three heavense instead of just heaven/hell??

Doug Buckley      21 Mar 2012, 03:39

Hi Steve, there are three heavens; the sky, outer space and spiritual heaven. So there is only one spiritual heaven.

Tina      07 Apr 2012, 04:11

I hope I can share a little information in regards to the topic of three heavens.
1. 3rd Heaven is Paradise
2. 2nd Heaven is known as The Rulers of Darkness
3 . 1st Heaven is Earth
For further research you may look at scriptures Rom 8:38, Dan 10:13, Luke 21:26, Eph 3:10, Eph 1:21, Eph 2:2, Eph, 6:12, Mark 13:31

I recommend using a Strongs Concordance. The Septuagint ( now this is Hebrew Bible which is translated in Greek). therefore when reading the Septuagint and when you see the numbers above the scripture you will look in the Greek location of the Strongs Concordance. Rule of thumb : O.T. scriptures use the Hebrew location from the Concordance, and N.T use the Greek side.
Remember if you are using the Septuagint It is a Hebrew Bible translated into GREEK, SO DON'T FORGET TO LOOK UP THE STRONGS NUMBERS FROM THE GREEK CONCORDANCE. In addition, look into using the Themelios for word studies.

Here is an example of how the concordance is useful.
Take the Scripture John 17:24 " KJV " the last line in that verse " before the foundations of the world" Strongs # 2598 = Kataballo = to cast down, this is from strongs # 2596 Kata = a place of time, from strongs # 906 ballo = to violently throw down intensity.

Another example look up the word tree in Gen. 1:11 when translated it means "shut" when using the BLB ( Blue Letter Bible) this will lead you to more and more strongs numbers. follow those numbers, when you see a word and you want more information regarding a certain word for example the word "flesh" in the definition of the BLB then go over to the Themelios for a better definition. You can use the website
For further help go to the Blue letter bible online and use the Lexicon. I highly recommend KJV. This website will give you a break down of each and every word with a strongs number reference that will help define the meaning.
In addition the Hebrew book is filled with euphemism this meaning as innuendos ( ex. given flesh, and then go to and look it up under definitions) The NT is filled with Logos. Therefore, before you go diving in I would have a real good baseline on how different these words are used and understand you also have to take into the context of which the word is being used. I hope this may help ya'll and thank you for letting me share.

Brandon Garl      08 Apr 2012, 17:37

Greetings everyone, I have always had a christian back ground and was saved just last year, i have been really interested in the bible and like to study it. I was listening to a cd recorded by pastor benny henn i think is how you spell it and he mentioned the 3 heavens. i didn't have time to listen to the entire service but as i was reading i saw i believe it was Paul mention the 3rd heaven so i have been researching it and i am confused by the first few verses in genesis, Discussing the firmament. i understand some but verses 6-8 are tricky, i dont understand what the firmament is or how it ties in with water? also another quick question i am reading the NKJV of the bible and in the first verse it says that God created the heavens and the earth. but it says afterwords that the earth was dark and void. i may have missed this in my reading but it says that God was hovering over the waters as well but I didn't read that God created water. Did God Create the water with the earth? and how does this tie in with the firmament. sorry for the long 2 part question and in case i can't get back on right away thank you And God Bless

Doug Buckley      10 Apr 2012, 01:20

Hi Brandon. That's a good question. Keep in mind there are countless opinions and interpretations of Genesis 1.

Imo, when we are talking about Genesis 1.6-8 we are talking about the 1st heaven of sky, not the third heaven. The Hebrew word translated as firmament is "rawkeeah", which actually means a glowing expanse. So God created a glowing expanse, that separates the waters below it from the waters above it. In other words, God created the atmosphere in which we live. The waters above it are the clouds, and below it we have the rivers and oceans etc. So the water and earth had already existed from verse 1, but God set them in place to support life.

In verse 8, God names this expanse heaven. Thus God creates the lower heaven, which is the sky or atmosphere, not to be confused with the second heaven created in verse 1. BTW, in verse 17 God only sets or arranges the lights of the sun, moon, and stars as they appear within this glowing expanse, not the actual bodies or sources of the light.

Misty      13 May 2012, 15:41

Hello Mr Buckly,

I was wondering if you have thought of the "Paradise" you mention as the third heaven being something entirly different all together. Have you heard of it mentioned Abraham's Bosom? That Paradise was a second part of Hades and that is where Jesus went to when he gave his soul. Then in Ephesians 4:8 it says "when he ascended on high, he led captives in his train and gave gifts to men." So Jesus then took Moses and the others that had died before His death and took them up to heaven...GOD's throne heaven...with him. Like when Jesus told the thief on the cross next to him that he would be with him in paradise tomorrow.

Pat      13 May 2012, 19:31

I read about the 3 heavens. and I believe the 3rd heaven is the highest heaven where
God's throne is. the first heaven is the one at hand, right here on earth. There was
heaven on earth at the beginning of time. I believe heaven is right here but satan
has infiltrated it. i also believe there is a second heaven in between where all the
fighting takes place, angels and demons. It's almost like we have to pass through
this to get to God in highest heaven. What are thoughts on this? I have asked God
about this and this is what was revealed.

John Varghese      21 May 2012, 08:49

Thank you for your q&a site want to know more about heavens.Are Kingdom of God and heavens are same or different

Doug Buckley      23 May 2012, 02:39

Hi John, that's a bit of a tough question to answer. A kingdom is the domain of a king, so the Kingdom of God is the domain of God. Its a place of light and truth and God's rule as opposed to darkness and lies, and its used in all kinds of contexts and parables. Spiritual heaven, which is the third heaven, is a spiritual place where God and his angels dwell. There are also evil powers and principalities in heaven as well (Ephesians 6.12). So basically heaven and the Kingdom are related, but not the same.

Bob      12 Jun 2012, 16:26

The three Heavens are;
1 Sky
2 Outerspace
3 Paradise

OK? Where is this stated in the Bible? I have read it, have shown it to other people, but, I can't find the verses now. I know it is there. Any ideas?

Doug Buckley      14 Jun 2012, 03:04

Hi Bob, the first two heavens are described in Genesis 1. God creates the heavens and the earth, and then he goes on to create an expanse and names it "heaven". So that's two heavens, sky and outer space. Then Paradise (aka spiritual heaven) is described as being the third heaven by Paul. This is when he says he was taken to the "third heaven" in 2nd Corinthians 12.2-4.

Donnie Pauley      10 Jul 2012, 11:51

The first heaven is where the birds fly, the second heaven is where the sun,stars and moon are, and the third heaven is where God sets on the throne.

Sean      14 Jul 2012, 17:40

I would like to point out Genesis 1 as supporting information for three heavens. I looked at 1:1 and God created heaven and earth. Then I read 2:1 and the word is now plural "heavens". I have the understanding that the heaven in verse 1:1 refers to the third Heaven in which God was. on day two the first heaven was created called the firmament(the atmosphere) that separated the waters above from the waters below; this was then called heaven verse 8. On day four God created the second Heaven as I understand it which is outer space; this is where the sun, moon and stars were. They too were in a Heaven to provide light for the earth said in verse 1:17. The third heaven was mentioned by Paul which was above all, paradise. Gen 2:1 explains that when everything was finished the heavens and the earth were finished.

Doug Buckley      14 Jul 2012, 22:40

Hi Sean, I also believe that Genesis ch.1 supports the idea of three heavens. I would point out though that Genesis 1 in the Hebrew reads heavens, not heaven. I believe that "heaven" is always plural in the in the Old Testament, even when its being used in the singular. Its like our word "pants".

Charlie Ray Riddick      03 Aug 2012, 09:11

"Heaven Is For Real"
As read, meditate, pray, and try to understand what I read in the Bible, I ask the Holy Spirit to help me. -- I believe what the Word of God says in 2 Cor 5:1. The meaning of that is "God' dwelling place". The Central Truth is: God has invited us to live with Him in His heavenly home! Heaven sometimes does appear in the Bible at times, refering to height, air, clouds, the sky, the atmosphere, space (Gen. 1:. 1 Chr. 16:26, Ps. 102:25, prov. 8:27, etc. may refer to the place created by God for His dwelling (Deut. 26:15, 1 King 8:30, 2 Chr. 30:27, Luke 11:2. We that are Born again are, of course, interest here in the latter. HEAVEN is a material (physical) place (Col. 1:16) In heaven there are-mansions (Jn. 14:2), a tabernacle (Heb. 8:2, cities w/ foundations (Heb. 11:20) an altar, a censor, incense, keys, the art of the testament, rivers, the tree of life, books, a table, thrones, etc. HEAVEN"S location:Psalm 48:2. One thing for sure there's a lot mre to go with this topic on heaven. If we are "BORN AGAIN" WASH IN THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB - WE HAVE A HOME PREPARE FOR US NOT MADE WITH HANDS. LET'S BE PATIENT, AND WAIT FOR THE LORD. ALL OUR ANSWEWS FOR OUR QUESTIONS ARE IN THE WORD OF GOD. I' JUST A NOBOBY TRYING TO BE A SOMEBOBY BUT I KNOW I' A CHILD OF THE "KING". We all can come up with what heaven (s) are all about but the greatest teacher is Christ and the Holy Spirit (the Bible) Man can tell us this and that -but the Word of God has it all. What the Spirit don't let us know now - soon or later he will open our eyes to greater things and understanding, Keep Praying and Toiling On.

J'mae      11 Aug 2012, 15:24

I have read every question and Doug Buckley has answered them clearly. We must be careful not to get stuck on complicating things that are not the most important part about our walk with Christ. I do not feel that it is so important to study about the three heaven compared to what is required of us in order to have eternal life in paradise - and to me that is the bottom line. I want to be with my Lord and savior Jesus Christ wherever that may be. If you put too many emphasis on how many heavens there are...for some, it will leave an open door to being lured by unbelievers with an answer that suites them best and if you are new Christian you will be deceived and lured into false teaching, which leads to destruction. The devil wants to draw our attention away from God's Word regarding Salvation. Asked questions, but be sure you understand what the level of importance is in regards to salvation 'SALVATION'.

name      28 Aug 2012, 00:42

if i die by my own hand will i go to heaven? I have believied my whole life

Doug Buckley      28 Aug 2012, 02:50

If your thinking about this, you need to ask yourself as honestly as possible, whether or not God has mistreated you. The devil torments people by making them think they'd be happy if things were different. But that's not where true happiness and peace comes from. It comes from the Lord, and recognizing his blessings.

Second, you won't go to heaven. A soldier that takes off and leaves his duties isn't honored or rewarded, but ashamed.

william lyons      06 Sep 2012, 13:04

This is all very good information but I do believe that there is only ONE heaven its is just the three levels of heaven that the bible speaks of one being the atmosphere another being the universe or outter-space and the other being the paradise as the bible says KJV DEU. 10:14

vivian ambrose      23 Sep 2012, 15:12

tks for making me to dat there are one heaven but diferent levels of heaven tks.

Renee      15 Oct 2012, 20:51

I was always taught and read in the Word that the three heavens are as said on this site, however Pastor John Hagee said that the second heaven is the realm between the universe and the third heaven( Spiritual, the dwelling place of God ) where satan and his armies dwell? I never heard this before, but I have read in the Bible that the angels and demons are always fighting warfare. Please clarify this for me! Thanks and God Bless

Doug Buckley      17 Oct 2012, 02:22

Hi Renee, I've come across this theory about the three heavens a few times on the internet. According to this view the third heaven is where God dwells, and the second heaven is where Satan and his angels dwell, and the first heaven is the sky and outer space.

I'm not sure where this theory comes from. I know there's a famous Christian speaker who had a near death experience and claims that he visited a "second heaven" where Satan and his demons are.

I don't know of any scriptural support for Satan and his angels being in a second spiritual heaven. Instead Satan and his angels are in the third heaven which is the same place as God and his angels. This sounds strange but consider Job 1.6 where Satan is among the Sons of the God that stand present themselves before God in heaven.

Also consider Revelation 12. "And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night" (Revelation 12:10 KJV bible).

Now if the devil accuses or slanders the righteous before God day and night (until he is cast to earth), then he must be the third heaven, which is the same heaven that God also dwells. The situation is somewhat like a court room.

Lemuel Togonon      17 Oct 2012, 06:34

Good evening i was wondering the topic about the 3 heaven, i think its more difficult to understand instantly, but i want to share of you a little more revelation, just try to search the word "paradise" in some different bible version to see what is the paradise, in other term the word paradise is use "EDEN" that place is not located at 3rd heaven. The old saints will already died and had a place, in 2 Corinthians 15:51-54 the old saints will alive resurrect first but the bride will change their mortal body to Glorified body, and now, satan has no access in 3rd heaven only the saints and bride will access to enter the 3rd heaven. the 3rd heaven is a throne of God and this is a spiritual dimension. God bless us

Doug Buckley      17 Oct 2012, 12:42

Hi Lemuel, in 2nd Corinthians 12.2-4 Paul calls the third heaven paradise, ("paradisos" in the Greek).

Lemuel Togono      17 Oct 2012, 21:00

Hi Bro. Doug Buckley its nice to sharing with you, i think we must search and understand what is Paul means about caught up to the third heaven. the sentence showing that in that place going to another place. apostle paul saw in a vision a man caught up to the third heaven. God bless

Doug Buckley      18 Oct 2012, 17:53

hi Lemuel, I think I know what you're saying, and its good to hear from you.

Lemuel Togonon      18 Oct 2012, 20:08

Hi Bro. Doug
Good morning, i'm from Philippines, i'm just asking you about a little more thing, can you give more and another references that the 1st and 2nd heaven is natural and the 3rd heaven is spiritual. it's for me, you don't interpret what i am saying it's for my understanding by the Word of God, that the 1st heaven is in the air and the universe or axis the 2nd heaven is spiritual the evil activities has access in 2nd heaven and the angelic being has also access in 2nd heaven but the 3rd heaven only the angelic being and heavenly being access in the 3rd heaven the evil spirit cannot access in the 3rd heaven. God bless

Doug Buckley      21 Oct 2012, 14:28

Hi Lemuel, I believe there are two natural heavens, and one spiritual heaven. Both sky and outer space are called heaven, but they are not the same. Notice in Genesis 1 that God initially creates the heavens and the earth. Then he creates an expanse called heaven, between the waters. So we have a lower or first heaven up to the clouds, and then a higher natural heaven above the clouds.

Lemuel Togonon      21 Oct 2012, 20:45

Good morning,
Let us know and think if we have only one spiritual heaven there are possibilities that the evil spirit has an access to enter and exit the spiritual or 3rd heaven, i don't think so that the evil has an authorize to enter the 3rd heaven, look! in Revelation 12:7 there was war in heaven between Michael and his angels and and the dragon. Think of that, what was the reason why there's a war, and what is that heaven, is that the 3rd heaven? thanks and Godbless.

Christina Jones      24 Oct 2012, 15:49

Good afternoon, men and women of God. After reading this thread, I thought maybe this magnified view of the Universe could give one a VISUAL on 'where' that third Heaven actually may be. God/the Creator of all is AWEsome, blessings.....

Christina Jones      24 Oct 2012, 16:01

Good afternoon, men and women of God. After reading this thread, I thought maybe this magnified view of the Universe is a good VISUAL for an idea of 'where' the third heaven may actually be. God/the Creator of all is AWEsome, blessings.....

Griffin Giles      25 Oct 2012, 11:41

Good Morning, My wife has recently attended seminar called Be In Health. perhaps you have heard of it. It is from the teachings or Henry Wright. He teaches that the second heaven is filled with demonic spirits. These spirits are constantly attacking and are the root of disease in humans. Can you respond to this for me. Thanks for your time.

Doug Buckley      28 Oct 2012, 02:35

Hi Griffin, i haven't heard of this particular seminar. I don't believe that there is second heaven full of demons and evil spirits. The reason is that I believe the second heaven is outer space, which is the stars and galaxies that we see. I do have a bible question about the origin of demons in the bible questions section.
We know that demons and evil spirits can cause illness in people. An example is Matthew 17, however many people have illness that doesn't come from evil spirits, such as Luke 22.51. So Many people just have illness in the flesh, so we need to one should be careful about forcing a theory onto the scriptures. Christians don't automatically have perfect health in the flesh.

Hope      02 Nov 2012, 21:29

Hello my name is Hope and i was reading this and brcause my mom was telling me about this surgeon who said he had went to heaven and saw his sister he never met before because he was adopted and my mom was saying that there is three heavens and i was like yeah i know that but what i didnt know was that there is a heaven where you meet your loved ones which is the first one and there is hati's which is the second one and there is the third one which is paradise now in this she mentioned a scripture from the bible that was saying how paul prayed fo r 22 days and it took an angle 22 days do reach paul because he had to go threw hati's and the other heaven so i found that very intresting so i looked it up and came across this place what do you guys think of this information that i was told tonight. by the im 17 still a virgin and seeking god because i was told that virgins are closer to god and non virgins have to find there way back to god. i also want to know more information about that too so please tell me. thank you.

Doug Buckley      04 Nov 2012, 08:37

Hi Hope, I think I heard about the surgeon who says he went to heaven. Based on studying the bible I believe there is only one heaven that some people go to when they die. Its called the third heaven. There is also a hell like place called Hades that nonbelievers go to. It was Daniel who prayed, and it took 21 days for the angel Gabriel to get to him. You can read about this in Daniel 10.

Felix Zara Korai      09 Nov 2012, 04:18

Dear writers,

I am much specifically and eargly to know where is heaven? And how many heavens do we have?

John      03 Dec 2012, 09:01

Thanks to the person who posted the explanation of the "three heavens" mentioned only once by Saint Paul; I have no knowledge that other parts of the Bible mention three heavens. It intrigues me that Saint Paul had to clearly count "three heavens". Your explanation (the atmosphere is one, the outer space is second, both being physical; and the third, the Kingdom of God, the spiritual Heaven) makes sense.

But I would have preferred he speak of the ONLY Heaven, the Kingdom of God, directly and without ambiguity. (Why? You see, the muslims talk about not three but seven! heavens!; such conception is simply ridiculous).

Maybe Saint Paul, being a jew, and in his language "Heaven" is always plural, but in greek is either singular or plural, he felt 'obliged' to specify with numbers? Hope someone can help me understand.

Doug Buckley      05 Dec 2012, 15:32

hi John, I don't know why Paul decides to speak of three heavens. Alot of Paul's letters pick up from past teachings and sermon's that he gave in person. I think the three heavens is significant because its shows that the bible doesn't teach that there is only one heaven with God and the planets and the clouds altogether.

Derrick Mitchell      16 Dec 2012, 21:51

Hi, I am not what you would call a scholar and am in no way trying to prove anyone wrong just wanted to post my opinion, I think that as a saved person dies they are taken to paradise to be with the Lord, but I believe that their soul is simply at rest, Paul tells us not to be ignorant concerning those who are asleep for the dead in Christ will rise first and those that remain will be changed in the moment of a twinkling of an eye. I think that we will all recieve that incorruptable body at the resurrection when Jesus comes to recieve the Church to himself, the third heaven that Paul refers to is a completed heaven meaning the whole bride will be present, the Church of a living God will not be complete till every soul that has been saved by God's grace is there. Thankyou for the great topic and hope it was a help.

clifton      26 Dec 2012, 23:23

Paul walks through portals even today. The man Paul WITNESSED being caught up too the third heaven went there in 2003 and since then has been visited by a trembling paul twice to assist the man whose name is niw a number on his head.numbered 33. I TELL YOU THE TRUTH The army is being gathered. Real talk people. Imitate and sew the seeds if lo

ve as one trumphet sounds!

audu mihas      02 Jan 2013, 05:52

i really thank God,am studying the book of genesis 1 and i saw the word heavens, now am happy i have the knowledge that there are three types of heaven, thank God and may almigthy bless you.

James Maxey      03 Jan 2013, 16:09

The first heaven is Yah, his son Yahushua and the messengers are located. The second heaven is where the birds are and the third heaven is where the sun, moon, and the stars located. The only heaven you will see is the birds of the heaven if you fly in a plane. You have been lied to by the men of the cloth starting with the pope. Read John 3:13 and the go and read Acts 2: 29,34 and last but not least read Ecclesiates 9: 5-6. This is what going to happen to all people if they keep lying Revelation 22: 15-21. Do you want your part taken out of the Book of Life? Theodore Roosevelt said that a thorough knowledge of the bible is worth more than a college education. A thorough knowledge of the scripture is worth more than reading a thousand books. James Maxey. Contempt, prior to complete investigation, enslave men to ignorance. Dr. John Whitman Ray. So do homework. Are you afraid of the truth? Can you handle the truth? Ye shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.

Lizy Johnson      01 Feb 2013, 05:55

Three Heavens are there. The first heaven is visible to our eyes that the sun,starts and moon exists.

The second heaven is place where satan exists, you can refer the verses Ephesians 6: 12. There mentioned satan is in the heaven.( we can presume it second heaven.)
You may note that we are not getting our prayer replied everytime because satan is there in the second heaven to stop our prayer and reply. You see, when Daniel started fasting and prayer for 21 days, though his prayer was replied the very first day, satan stopped it from reaching Daniel.


Jonathan Aburto      28 Feb 2013, 14:24

I'm confused this spiritual paradise is not heaven.... its a resting place till the second coming of our Savior then when we are judged we are reunited with our bodies or ressurected just like Jesus "handle me for a spirit hath not flesh and bone as you see me have"

True Believer      08 Mar 2013, 14:11

The Mormons have this question answered. There are Three Degrees of Glory which corresponds with what Paul taught- a glory of the sun, the moon and the stars. The Stars is the terrestial glory, which is the lowest glory. The moon is the Telestial Glory and the sun is the highest, or Celestial Glory. Hell, as we have been taught is actually a difficult place to end up in. Only the vilest who shed innocent blood and those who deny the Holy Ghost are recipients of this punishment.

J McCoy      29 Mar 2013, 06:41

I recently had a loved one pass and it has been difficult. I prayed to God tonight to show me a revelation, it is 3am, I just woke up. I dreamed of a tennis ball which has three parts, one foot is always placed in one section of the ball until you can cross the middle completely and get to the top of the tennis ball or the third heaven. I woke up and immediately googled three heavens and have read your posts. From my dream it seems we are in the lower part of the ball that is our physical life on earth, we pass through a barrier like the line on a tennis ball into heaven which flows eternal like the middle of a tennis ball. Perhaps hell is on the other side of the river of heaven (or the other side of the tennis ball. My interpretation could be off but the image was so strong.
I did not know that Paul spoke of three heavens in the Bible until I had this dream and was driven to this site. (at 3am) :)

Wesley Mack      08 Apr 2013, 13:03

Well then what are the other "two heavens" about then? that passage didn't really say anything about the other heavens, because the sky is not a heaven, outer space is not a heaven. I mean how can it be?? We don't live in the sky, we cant live in outer space. Im not really a big believer of the bible. im not trying to start anything but all the bible appears to be is just a perfect moral story/code of how we should be or how "Jesus and god" want us to be.. out of all the books that the bible is made up of we will never know everything. Nobody will, ever. people may think they do but we all no thats not true. no one can ever meet the expectations of what they want us to be. some may come sorta close but no one is perfect. no one will ever be perfect.

Doug Buckley      08 Apr 2013, 15:45

Hi Wesley, the bible uses the word heaven for three distinct places, sky, outer space, and a spiritual heaven. Like "birds of heaven", meaning sky.

wesley mack      09 Apr 2013, 11:39

those arent heavens? they cant be. how can they be? we dont live there, its not like there are no rules in the sky, same with the outer space. Your "answer" covers a small portion of my qeustion.. so what about the other stuff i asked about.

Doug Buckley      09 Apr 2013, 16:04

The best way I can explain the three heavens is to think about how we use the word heart. Heart can mean someone's feelings and emotions or it can mean the organ that pumps blood in their chest. The word heaven in the bible is used like this, to mean different things, like the sky or the the place where the saints go when they die. What's normal to one group of people might be confusing to another group. I'm not going into your other question(s) because they are off topic, but you can send them by email if you want.

Tammi      12 Apr 2013, 11:23

My husband was just approached by a very good Mormon friend who was talking about the 3 levels of heaven. The mormons believe that there are 3 actual levels of heaven - Celestial being the highest, but nowhere in the bible does it talk about this. Or in specific detail about what you have to do to get to these levels. They believe it is all a vision from their modern day prophet John Smith. I believe that if God wanted us to know about the 3 different levels, he would have clearly spelled that out to us and what we are to do to get to those levels. And it would have been in the OT, or somewhere in the Book of Revelation, where heaven's glory is revealed. He told my husband that God sends modern day prophets because the bible's teachings are not complete for the changing society. I just think is a bunch of nonsense, but again...who am I to say because I am not God. What is your take on this. I feel they are taking the scriptures way out of context.

Doug Buckley      12 Apr 2013, 15:09

Hi Tammi, they have an extra book that they believe is also scripture, and so they're working with a different set of scriptures than we are. I don't want to go into a discussion about what other groups believe, but stick with what God's Word says about heaven(s). The regular bible quotes itself and proves itself and is a complete testimony.

Carmen Perez      13 Apr 2013, 21:17

I think the space-time continuum is like a frame that contains the 2nd and 1st heaven. One day I will step out of time and into eternity (3rd heaven) to be with the Lord!

nelson barbosa      17 Apr 2013, 15:27

the tabernacle is the representation of the universe, 3rd heaven, the holy of the holies, where God seat on his throne, the mercy seat with the cherubim's around the throne(revelation 4), the 2nd heaven the representation is the holy place,a transition between mortality and eternity or church, is here in earth but is where God dwell with men, after men go trough brazen altar or sacrifice, (crucification),the bronze laver(baptism)found in galations 3:27, he can go to the holy place, and became a priest 1peter 2:5 (not a high priest the only one to enter the holy of the holies on the day of atonement), and the court represents 1st heaven,or the world, 1st and 2nd heaven are visible, you can see the holy place from the court, that was no wall separating the front part of it, but you could not enter if you were not a priest, and did not offer a sacrifice and did not wash you self, so the world need to wash on Jesus trough baptism, who is the sacrifice and he is the high priest too, like how is described in hebrew's, we can't not see the holy of the holies, theres a curtain covering the holy of the holies, Jesus says: no one come to the father except trough me, he is the high priest, the way to 3rd heaven,outside the tabernacle is death, once u alive u are on 1st heaven, with a choice to go to the 2nd, and meeting God on the 3rd after death, or u can choose not to go to the 2nd heaven, and meet death and lake of fire after the judgment day. this is hebrew theology, remember the bible is a hebrew book, written by hebrew men, with hebrew culture, not a western book or greek book or roman book or babylonic book, until you see the bible with hebrew eyes you will have voids on your understanding.

Bill Clark      20 Apr 2013, 08:05

A good way to study heavens vs. heaven in the Greek is to use Young’s Literal Translation. He makes the distinctions throughout the NT. I have not arrived at a conclusion yet but I would like to mention something. Prayerful study of the scriptures takes a focus and exacting precision. Nothing is said in a haphazard manor. I have learned also not to assume anything. While I don’t rely on pagan traditions I also don’t assume that when Paul mentions 3 levels of the heavens there could not be more than 3. I just keep that in mind as I go forward so my assumptions don’t close the door on a possibility.

Doug Buckley      21 Apr 2013, 16:12

Hi Bill, that's right, Young's literal is the only translation that I've found that accurately translates heaven vs heavens.

Dwight Tackett      24 Apr 2013, 15:37

My belief of heavens is that they are levels of understanding, or levels of understanding that we dwell within. This would put the three levels of understanding in the following sequence. level one is recognizing there is a God or Father, Level two is recognizing there is a promise or Son, and Level three is upon recognizing these two elements we can be lead to all truth and righteousness or Holy Ghost. In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. there was only one heaven one understanding (God's) in the beginning. As the earth was created there was a division of understanding Spiritual (or things that cannot be touched with the five senses) and understanding the Physical, things the five senses can interact with (firmament). until We bring the understanding of these two together we cannot hope to touch any part of the Understanding that is God. the more we bring these two together the greater or closer we can walk with God and thus things will start to follow the closer/deeper we get. this is how all of creation is set up, the temple is a good example. outter court yard (God/Father/Law), inner court (Son/Promise/Grace), Holyest of Holies (Holy Ghost/Truth and Righteousness/Salvation)

Raja      15 May 2013, 18:19

Hi, dough buckley and twila. the first heaven is were we resides temporarily the second sky is were the fallen angels resides who came to the world and shown them as GODS and had sex with females in the earth and decieved the corrupted the total world and the third sky is were GOD'S angel resides along with JESUS CHRIST. at the time of judgment JESUS CHRIST will destroy all the evils spirits in the first sky and the second sky and take us to the heaven for the eternal life

Bill Clark      30 May 2013, 15:04

Hi Raja, My name is Bill. I see you addressed your note to Doug and Twila, I would like to enter this discussion if it is ok with you. I have studied this subject and this is what I’ve found.

Concerning the first heaven, I agree it is where we reside while in our flesh bodies. It is also under the rulership and authority of the Adversary.

Luke 4:5-8 (YLT)
5 And the Devil having brought him up to an high mountain, shewed to him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time,
6 and the Devil said to him, `To thee I will give all this authority, and their glory, because to me it hath been delivered, and to whomsoever I will, I do give it;
7 thou, then, if thou mayest bow before me--all shall be thine.'
8 And Jesus answering him said, `Get thee behind me, Adversary, for it hath been written, Thou shalt bow before the Lord thy God, and Him only thou shalt serve.'

In Luke 4:5-8 (also Matthew 4:8), our Lord did not dispute the Adversaries claim that he owned all the kingdoms of the world and had authority over them.

Concerning the boundaries of the Adversary's rule, it is limited to the surface of the planet and the air or atmosphere around it.

Ephesians 2:1-3 (YLT)
1 Also you--being dead in the trespasses and the sins,
2 in which once ye did walk according to the age of this world, according to the ruler of the authority of the air, of the spirit that is now working in the sons of disobedience,
3 among whom also we all did walk once in the desires of our flesh, doing the wishes of the flesh and of the thoughts, and were by nature children of wrath--as also the others,

In Ephesians 2:1-3, Paul is saying here that Satan’s rulership of the authority only extends to the “air”, or in other words the air and the surface of this planet. He has no authority above this heaven or below in the earth, where Seoul / Hades is located and also the Abyss (the pit, bottomless pit, Tartarus).

While the Adversaries rule only extends to this heaven, he apparently, at this time, is able to move between here and the heaven where our Father abodes because he currently “accuses the brethren before our God day and night, Rev 12:10”. This ability to move between heavens will end when he and his angels are permanently cast out of heaven and down to the earth.

Revelation 12:7-9 (YLT)
7 And there came war in the heaven; Michael and his messengers did war against the dragon, and the dragon did war, and his messengers,
8 and they did not prevail, nor was their place found any more in the heaven;
9 and the great dragon was cast forth--the old serpent, who is called `Devil,' and `the Adversary,' who is leading astray the whole world--he was cast forth to the earth, and his messengers were cast forth with him.

This expulsion from heaven sets up two great events.

First; the events leading to the kingdom age are set in motion.

Revelation 12:10 (YLT)
10 And I heard a great voice saying in the heaven, `Now did come the salvation, and the power, and the reign, of our God, and the authority of His Christ, because cast down was the accuser of our brethren, who is accusing them before our God day and night;

Second; the three and a half years of the great tribulation begins.

Revelation 12:11-12 (YLT)
11 and they did overcome him because of the blood of the Lamb, and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life--unto death;
12 because of this be glad, ye heavens, and those in them who do tabernacle; woe to those inhabiting the land and the sea, because the Devil did go down unto you, having great wrath, having known that he hath little time.'

Concerning the fallen angels in general, we know that the Adversary drew a third of them from heaven. This would be a great number of them.

Then there is a smaller group, a subset of this larger group, being the fallen angels that participated in the Gen 6 activity.

Of the larger group, they are the “principalities and authorities” that rule today with the Adversary on this earth. They are talked about by Paul in Ephesians 6:10-13 below.

Ephesians 6:10-13 (YLT)
10 As to the rest, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might;
11 put on the whole armour of God, for your being able to stand against the wiles of the devil,
12 because we have not the wrestling with blood and flesh, but with the principalities, with the authorities, with the world-rulers of the darkness of this age, with the spiritual things of the evil in the heavenly places;
13 because of this take ye up the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to resist in the day of the evil, and all things having done--to stand.

Of the smaller group, spoken of in Gen 6, we see them bound in chains, in the abyss (the pit, bottomless pit, Tartarus).

Jude 1:6 (YLT)
6 messengers also, those who did not keep their own principality, but did leave their proper dwelling, to a judgment of a great day, in bonds everlasting, under darkness He hath kept,


2 Peter 2:4-5 (YLT)
4 For if God messengers who sinned did not spare, but with chains of thick gloom, having cast them down to Tartarus, did deliver them to judgment, having been reserved,
5 and the old world did not spare, but the eighth person, Noah, of righteousness a preacher, did keep, a flood on the world of the impious having brought,

They get set loose from the abyss by Satan in Revelation 9 only when he is cast out of heaven and given the key to it.

Satan is chained there, in the abyss, during the thousand years in Revelation 20:1.

I’m late for work and have to go now. I hope this gives you something to ponder on.

Bill Clark      30 May 2013, 15:20

P. S. I don't want to mislead anyone. Angels are not demons and demons are not fallen angels. Both, demons (the locust), and angels are being let loose in Rev 9. Now I'm really late for work.

Bill Clark      03 Jun 2013, 10:44

I need to correct something I said earlier concerning the expulsion of the Adversary from heaven. The second event is not the beginning of the three and a half years of the great tribulation. It is the beginning of the tribulation.

This expulsion from heaven sets up two great events.

First; the events leading to the kingdom age are set in motion.

Revelation 12:10 (YLT)
10 And I heard a great voice saying in the heaven, `Now did come the salvation, and the power, and the reign, of our God, and the authority of His Christ, because cast down was the accuser of our brethren, who is accusing them before our God day and night;

Second; the events leading to the tribulation and great tribulation begins.

Revelation 12:11-12 (YLT)
11 and they did overcome him because of the blood of the Lamb, and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life--unto death;
12 because of this be glad, ye heavens, and those in them who do tabernacle; woe to those inhabiting the land and the sea, because the Devil did go down unto you, having great wrath, having known that he hath little time.'

Anna Moore      14 Jul 2013, 14:32

I have been a christian for years. I am 17 and have been in church for most of my life. I go to church regularly and depend on God and the word to keep me sane since my material life is nearly in shambles. I have just learned from my friend that there are three heavens when I had always believed there was one. One heaven that you had to accept Jesus and live for him to get into. I feel like if I didn't know this key point then there must be so much more I haven't learned in my church. I'm afraid my faith is a little shaken by this discovery. Can you please tell me EXACTLY in what book and chapter it describes the three heavens? I'm also a little confused, if the third heaven is the only one with Jesus Christ our Savior then why do the other two matter? Being with God and doing his work is the only thing that should matter so if the other two don't let us be with him then how can they be called Heaven as well?

Doug Buckley      16 Jul 2013, 04:46

Hi Anna, you might want to read the short article about the three heavens since that's what its there for. There is only one heaven that believers go to when they die, and the other heavens are the sky and cosmos. Some people here have different opinions.
Alot of churches avoid any kind of deep discussion of the bible, but its been given to us for a reason. The bible is so deep that its almost like the more you know the more you realize how little you know, but this shouldn't stop anyone from growing in the Word and receiving the things he gives us.

Bill Clark      19 Jul 2013, 12:01

It seems that we are trying to understand the terms used in the Greek language vs our own English language.

When we understand that in Greek there is a heaven the birds fly in, it is to us the air or atmosphere around the planet.

When we understand that in Greek there is a heaven the stars and other planets exist in, it is to us space or the sky.

When we understand that in Greek there is a heaven where God has His throne, it is to us heaven.

The need to understand the Greek meanings in a literal translation of the Greek is so that no one who is translating the Greek words can make the distinctions in English words for us.

I want to understand that if the Greek says "birds fly in the heaven", the translation should say "heaven", and we then understand in our reasoning that in this context it is to mean the air or atmosphere around the planet.

Faye Vanasse      30 Nov 2013, 11:01

Where does it say in bible getting into heaven is like a camel going threw a needle

Doug Buckley      30 Nov 2013, 15:07

Hi Faye, it's Matthew 19.24, I also have a writing on this verse in the bible questions section.

BBible      25 Jan 2014, 23:29

While the 3rd heaven is indeed spiritual, it is also a very physical place beyond "outer space" separated by "the sea spoken of in Genesis that God created on the 2nd day. It does not speak of the earthlyseeas here, they were not yet divided. Outer space is the firmament that divides the sea of glass from the waters of Earth. God does not say it was good.

Deb      09 Feb 2014, 14:25

It was explained on Nov.16, 2009 by Doug Buckley that the 3rd Heaven was the word "shemayim", but it is actually called "shamayim", pronounced shaw-mah'-yim. I didn't read all of the many things written above on this subject, so I don't know if this was corrected later.
On another note, the Jews believe in 7 heavens and have a name for each. I believe (and I could be wrong), that the heavens has it's example in the original design of The Temple, where there were seven separate parts: the stairs (Jacobs ladder w/angels ascending and descending), the Royal Porch, the Court of the Gentiles, the Court of Women, the Court of Men, The Altar or HOLY place, and the Inner Court or the HOLY of HOLIES, which would give the example of seven heavens. Just because Paul mentions three does not mean there could or could not be more.
If anyone really wants to study a good translation of the WORD, please learn Biblical Hebrew. There are free sites with interactive teachers on the internet, (I would suggest that would gladly teach you Biblical Hebrew, (which is different then current spoken Hebrew). When you interact with the teacher online, your eyes and mind will open to a whole new world of understanding the Bible, the WORD of GOD in its original language. English translations just leave so much to be desired and the newer additions of some translations are eliminating the deity of CHRIST and GOD (FYI: my capitalization of words is not to "yell" them, but rather to give them higher standing as they deserve.)
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