the cup of wraththe cup of wraththe cup of wrath


The Serpent Poisons with Lies

(Part 1) In this bible study, we look at how the serpent uses lies to corrupt and poison God's work. The serpent poisons God's work so he can have power over it. In 2nd Samuel 15, Absalom is a type for the serpent rebelling against God.

(Part 2) In this part, we look at how the serpent used lies to poison the world. In Genesis 3, the serpent gained access into the world through Adam and Eve's sin. The serpent sowed his seed into the world to gain power over it.

(Part 3) Here we look at how the serpent poisoned Israel under the first covenant. Because of Israel's disobedience to God, Jesus was sent to resurrect her from death. Jesus has power to overcome the serpent's poison.

(Part 4) In this part, we look at how the serpent is using false believers to poison the church, and drive God out of it. Scriptures such as 2nd Peter 2 and Acts 20.29 prophesy about this corruption of the church by self-serving hypocrites.


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