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We should be Slaves to Serving God

(Part-1) If you're a Christian then you're supposed to be a slave to God. If you're a slave to God then you should put his will before your own. The slave serves the will of his master, not his own will. Being a Christian is not about serving yourself. We are often arrogant in the flesh, and take things for granted. Christ bought us from the world for the purpose of serving him. We should be slaves to doing right, because everything we do in the flesh is on Christ's dime. There's always conflict between what we want, and what God wants.

(Part-2) The slave always attends to his master's needs before his own. The slave serves the master, and the master provides for the slave. We should put God's needs before our own, and call ourselves unprofitable servants.

We all have a part to play in the plan of God's Kingdom. To be good servants, we have to sacrifice our own desires and plans for God's master plan. We can't make our own way of salvation because God is the master builder and engineer. Even things that seem right can come between us and serving God. We need to keep looking forward, and not backward into the past.

(Part-3) God sets us free for a purpose, and we should be faithful to that purpose above anything else. God's will is that we minister unto others, and serve his Kingdom. We all try to get God to serve us, but to be effective we must serve him. Esau lost his birthright, because he trusted in himself instead of God. Sometimes we have obligations in the flesh, but we should never serve ourselves. We should seek to be slaves to God, above anything.


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