the cup of wraththe cup of wraththe cup of wrath


Is this a Wicked and Adulterous generation?

(Part-1) Jesus came to a wicked and adulterous generation. They demanded signs and miracles from him so that they might believe. They sought signs more than truth. God often gives signs and miracles to those who already have faith.

(Part-2) Instead of God's will, the wicked and adulterous generation chases after signs and miracles. The knowledge of God should be more important than signs, and the testimony of scripture is the greatest miracle. Miracles can be a sign of faith, but aren't the substance of it.

(Part-3) The power of signs will wear off, if our heart isn't in the right place. The unfaithful are like an adulterous woman chasing the excitement of something new. The faithful are like a righteous woman who remains true to her husband. The church has become more like the unfaithful woman.

(Part-4) There is a trap being set for a wicked and adulterous generation. The antichrist will do signs and wonders that will deceive those who don't love the truth. The wicked generation will be easily deceived because they whore after signs and miracles instead of God's Word. The only ones who won't be deceived are those who have more faith in the Word than in signs and miracles.


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