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Samson as a Type for Christ

(Part-1) Most of us are familiar with the biblical story of Samson. However, few realize that his life is an important message about God's plan. Samson is a type for Christ, and his betrayal and death are propechies about Christ's crucifixion. Samson provides worldly deliverance, in the same way that Christ provides spiritual deliverance.

Samson was born at a time when Israel was in bondage to the Philistines. Samson delivered his people from the power of the Philistines by defeating them in battle. When the Spirit was upon Samson, the enemy couldn't bind him or stop him.

Just like Samson was a warrior after the flesh, Christ would be a warrior after the spirit. Christ would deliver his people by slaying the demonic powers that afflict them. The Spirit was upon Christ and he couldn't be stopped from spoiling the enemy's house. The enemy had no way of spiritually binding Christ.

(Part-2) Samson is betrayed many times in his life, as a type for Christ's betrayal. In one instance, Samson is betrayed by a certain harlot who tells his enemies that he is in the city. They surround the city, but Samson lifts up the gates and carries them on his shoulders. Samson carries the gates as a type for Christ carrying his cross to Golgotha.

Later Samson loves Delilah, and she gets bribed by the Philistines to betray him. She is a type for the spiritual harlot Jerusalem, that Christ loved (Luke 13.34). Delilah finally gets Samson to reveal the source of his strength, and then delivers him to the enemy. Samson becomes weak when his hair is cut and he loses his Nazarene separation. Christ would also lose his Nazarene separation when he was turned over to the enemy.

(Part-3) Like Christ, Samson is finally betrayed and delivered up to the enemy. The Philistines poke out Samson's eyes, and use him in their stadium for sport. God then strengthens Samson one last time, and Samson knocks down the pillars of the stadium, killing himself and everyone in it.

Samson's death is a type for Christ's crucifixion. When Samson puts his hands on the two pillars, he puts himself in the same position as Christ crucified. Also like Christ, Samson does more damage to the enemy in his death than in his life. Samson's worldy victory is a type for for Christ's ultimate victory over the house of the enemy, at the second coming.




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