cup of wrath

Overcoming Addiction and Sin through Christ.

(Part-1) Addictions come from troubles and temptations that are common to all people. When we deal with our troubles through the flesh we often make them worse. Nonbelievers live through the flesh, and love worldly things, which can lead to addictions. As Christians, we shouldn't glory in earthly things, but take our troubles to the cross. We should find refuge in Christ instead of the world.

(Part-2) When we deal with our problems through sin, we become trapped in sin. Addiction is part of the snare of sin. Christ is the way out of the destruction and trap of sin. The flesh man is never satisfied, but the spirtual man in Christ is content. When the spiritual man is in charge we live in righteousness, and we are no longer dying spiritually. However, with greater freedom comes greater temptation and spiritual danger.

(Part-3) Living in the flesh puts us in sin. We have all lived in sin, and sin brings spiritual death and despair. Coping with our despair through sin creates more sin, and puts us in chains of death. The way out of sin and death is through through repentance in Christ. Christ had compassion on us in our sin, when we were without strength. Self destruction is more noble than taking out our problems on others.

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