cup of wrath

Jesus Christ, the Heir of Creation

(Part 1) Jesus Christ is the heir who will eventually rule over the whole creation. God created everything through the Word, who is Jesus Christ (John 1.3). Just as the creation came through Christ, God's plan is to bring it back through Christ.

(Part 2) Christ's Kingdom will reign forever, however there are powers and principalities that work against him. They try to keep people from his salvation, because they want to maintain their place of power over the world.

(Part 3) There are evil powers and principalities that have control over us through our sins. In Christ our sins are forgiven, so we are delivered from their authority and brought into his Kingdom.

(Part 4) Jesus brings the creation back to God through the power of his Kingdom. Through his blood the righteous are redeemed, and will reign forever with him, and the wicked will be destroyed.

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