cup of wrath

Feed the Sheep so they can Grow

(Part 1) As Christians, we need spiritual food to be strong. Like sheep, we need to be protected and guided to good ground. This is so we can grow, mature, and be spiritually healthy. If we don't get fed, we will starve.

(Part 2) God's Word is our spiritual food (Matthew 4.4). Just like sheep need new ground to graze on, we need to cover new ground in God's Word. If we are always led to the same spot we will run out of food.

(Part 3) Scripture makes us strong in the process of salvation (2nd Timothy 3.15). However, man waters down and changes the spiritual food of scripture. Man will take God's food and turn it into junk food.

(Part 4) We're supposed to grow and mature in Christ and bring forth fruit. Immature believers who always need milk aren't very useful to God (Hebrews 5.12). To serve God we need to be strong in the Word.

(Part 5) In Jesus we are reborn as new spiritual men and women. However, if we keep serving the flesh man, the spiritual man will starve (Romans 8). The spiritual man is supposed to be stronger than the flesh man.

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