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All Things are Pure in Christ (Titus 1.15)

The world is full of spiritual impurity, lies, and traps of the enemy. Because we're part of the world, and in sin, nothing is pure to us. However, we can become spiritually pure in Christ. The bible teaches that all things are pure for those who are in Christ (Titus 1.15).

Spiritual purity can't come from within ourselves. We can't make ourselves pure because of the reality of sin. Spiritual purity and real cleansing can only come from Christ. This is because he took our place on the cross, and bore our sins.

All things are pure to us in Christ, because he removes our sins. Without sin, we are spiritually immune to the power of evil in the world. In Christ, the devices of the enemy can't hurt us. We can spiritually tread on snakes and scorpions without being harmed (Luke 10.19).

Titus 1.15 also says that to the unpure, nothing is pure. Even things that are good and holy like scripture can become sin to the sinful. Their mind is defiled so they misunderstand and twist the truth. It's a terrible sin to falsely claim communion with God, and use his name to serve oneself.

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