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The Faria Case: Was a Possession Caught on Video?

I have released a new documentary presenting powerful paranormal evidence. My investigation focuses on a world champion armwrestler named Tatiane Faria. I have documented many paranormal events that can be found in different videos of her from around the world. This strongly suggests that the footage is genuine, because it comes from many independent sources.

There are many examples of paranormal activity in these videos. In some instances her eyes instantly turn black, her skin becomes grey, and bruises form. Changes to her body language can be seen during these events. What's also amazing is that these changes happen fast, and quickly return to normal.

Probably the most unusual paranormal sign in the footage is a strange fluid-like substance that's released from her eyes. This dark fluid appears at different times and then suddenly disappears. This fluid is understood as ectoplasm.

How did I discover Tatiane Faria?

I discovered Tatiane Faria many years ago, and I don't believe it was by accident. At first I didn't realize what I was looking at, but my discernment was letting me know that something is unusual. This led me to do an investigation, and the evidence I found led me to produce "The Faria Case" documentary.

There is much more to the story, but I will say that I had a strong suspicion I would find paranormal activity in these videos. I feel that I was led to discover her. I am still stunned by some of the evidence I found.

In my opinion the activity in the videos is supernatural. I know other people will disagree and say this is a hoax. Some people will refuse to consider that possession exists, and only accept "scientific" explanations. Everyone has a right to their own interpretation, but hopefully some facts can be agreed upon.

As far as I know Tatiane Faria is alive and well, though she hasn't been armwrestling. I ask that people are respectful of everyone appearing in the documentary. Even after investigating this situation for a long time I have many unanswered questions.

I believe people should see the paranormal evidence that was captured here. People should know if possession is real. You can support this work by following the link below to donate.

Is demonic possession biblical?

For many thousands of years people have believed in spirit possession. They've believed in unseen entities that can enter a person's body and take control of it. In some instances this is done intentionally, and the person's body becomes a medium for the spirit. Other times a spirit will hijack a person's body, and this is understood as demonic possession.

The bible describes the existence of unholy spirits called demons. It describes how these spirits can invade and possess the bodies of living people. The demons can cause afflictions and strange symptoms to manifest in people.

Demons are spiritual enemies of God that are allowed to operate in the world through sin. Jesus and his disciples used their authority to cast them out of possessed people. The afflicted people were given deliverance and healing by God's grace.

More information is avaliable at the official buckleyapologetics site.

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