cup of wrath

The Serpent Poisons with Lies

We consider how the serpent uses lies to corrupt and poison God's work. The serpent poisons God's work so he can have power over it. He doesn't take control by force, but uses deceit.

There are types for the serpent described in the bible. These are people who use lies and flattery to get what they want. Absolam is an example of a type for the serpent in the Old Testament.

Since the beginning, the serpent has used lies to gain power over the world. In Genesis 3, he gained access into the world through Adam and Eve's sin. The serpent sowed his seed into the world to have control of it.

The serpent poisoned Israel under the first covenant. Because of Israel's disobedience to God, they went into exile. Jesus was sent to resurrect the children of God up from spiritual death. Jesus has power to overcome the spiritual poison of the serpent.

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