cup of wrath

Sanctified as Temples

There must be sanctification for the Holy Spirit to dwell in us. In 1st Kings 8, Solomon sacrifices in the temple before the Spirit enters it. This tells us that by grace we are cleansed by the blood of Christ so that the Spirit can dwell in us.

God's plan is for his people to be vessels for the Spirit. Before this can happen there must be a cleansing from the pollution and sin of the world. The Spirit can't dwell in us unless we are spiritually clean. If we are in Christ, then we are his family, and the Spirit will dwell among us.

When the Holy Spirit dwells in us, we belong to God. We are bought with a price, so we should glorify God with our lives (1st Cor. 6.20). We shouldn't dishonor God if we are being saved. If we are vessels of the Spirit, then we should bring righteousness into the world.

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