cup of wrath

The Spiritual Causes of Addiction

Addictions come from troubles and temptations that are common to all people. When we deal with these troubles through the flesh we make them worse. We can get trapped in addiction cycles that are hard to escape. Addiction is a snare of sin.

There are many temptations in the world that lead to addictions. People of faith should resist these earthly temptations which can trap us. We should learn to find refuge in Jesus instead of the world.

Living in the world brings sin. We have all lived in sin, and it brings spiritual death. Coping with our despair through the world will not heal us.

Even though we are trapped in sin, Jesus can bring us to life spiritually. When the spiritual man is in control we live in truth, and are no longer trapped spiritually. The flesh man is never satisfied, but the spirtual man brings peace.

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