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The Faria Case

The Faria Case comes from an investigation I did into possible paranormal activity. I am still stunned by the evidence. The documentary is a presentation of the evidence I found.

The Faria Case focuses on the career of professional armwrestler Tatiane Faria. It reveals many examples of paranormal activity that were accidentally recorded in footage of her. The strange activity seemed to follow her throughout her career.

What's unusual is that the activity is found in unrelated videos over many years. The different sources of video help to corroborate each other. It's extremely rare that paranormal activity can be corroborated in this way. The Faria Case maybe the first example of this.

In my opinion the paranormal activity is being caused by possession. Everyone is free to their own conclusions, but certainly there is some very strange activity that is in the original videos. I still have many questions after all this time.

I believe its better to show evidence like this than to hide it. People should be aware that evil spirits exist and can possess people. Many people have demonic experiences, and credible evidence from these experiences should be disclosed. The public should be aware of such things.

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