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Risen From the Dust: Conclusions

So then what is the conclusion that should be drawn from all of this, regarding these critical subjects of hell, heaven, and the Resurrection of the Dead?...

  • First, we should recognize that all people have a flesh body, and also a spiritual soul, that dwells within that flesh body.
  • When a person dies they do not literally sleep, but their soul leaves their body and goes to either one of two places. If they are redeemed from their sins, they go on to dwell in a state of life, with the Lord in heaven (see ch.4 Souls in Heaven). If they are not redeemed, they dwell in a state of death in Sheol, which is also called Hades in the New Testament.
  • All of the dead, both in heaven and Hades, are awaiting something called the Resurrection of the Dead. This Resurrection of the Dead is an unique event, that involves the receiving of an eternal spiritual body.
  • The Resurrection of the Dead is divided into two parts. There will be a resurrection of the saints when Christ returns at the seventh trumpet, and later, a resurrection of judgment.
  • The first resurrection that will happen is the resurrection of the saints. At this time, God's elect (both in heaven and on earth) will be raised up spiritually to an eternal inheritance with the Lord. Then, before the rest of the dead are resurrected, will come a period of time known as the millennium.
  • The millennium will be thousand year period of teaching and enlightenment, when the faithful rule with Christ over the world (see ch.25 Outer Darkness). During the millennium, the dead will be given an opportunity to hear the truth (see ch.26 Millennium Nations).
  • After the millennium, will come Judgment Day and the second resurrection. At this time, the rest of the dead will be resurrected into spiritual bodies for the purposes of a final judgment. The ones who are found worthy will enter into eternal life, but the wicked will be cast into the Lake of Fire with the devil and his angels.
  • Those who cast into the Lake of Fire will not be eternally tormented, but rather they will experience a second death, continuing on as lifeless corpses.

On the subject of the afterlife, there is a whole spectrum of beliefs among churches and scholars. How do so many people form different conclusions from the same bible? We should reject tradition, and sit down at the feet of the Teacher, so we can begin to grasp the deep insights that have been so carefully laid out out for us.

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