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Daniel 6: a Type for Christ

(Part-1) Daniel chapter 6 is an important prophecy about Jesus Christ. In Daniel 6 the prophet is a type for Jesus, because he is sentenced to death for another's sin. Daniel is a loyal servant of king Darius, but certain wicked princes conspire to get rid of him. They set a trap for him so he gets into trouble for praying to God. The king knows Daniel is righteous but he is forced to put him into the lion's den.

(Part-2) In Daniel 6, the prophet is a type for Christ, because he gets punished for someone else's sin. King Darius is a type for us, because his sin leads to Daniel being sentenced to death under the law. Darius has Daniel sealed into the lion's den, but he hopes that Daniel's God will deliver him from death. He wants Daniel to live because he knows he is a loyal servant.

(Part-3) In Daniel 6, the prophet is sealed in the lion's den, just like Christ is sealed in the tomb. God delivers Daniel from the power of death, by closing the lions' mouths. Daniel comes out of the lion's den alive, as a type for Christ resurrecting out of the tomb. Darius receives Daniel back the same way that the apostles receive Christ after the resurrection. After Daniel comes back, Darius begins to understand the true power of God.

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